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"I feel like I have direction again and have the confidence to keep going"

I found Deanne after a really difficult year. I knew my funk had gone on way too long but I just wasn’t able to get myself motivated this time. I was drinking and smoking too much, unhealthy and hadn’t exercised in years. It felt like drama was following me around like a dark cloud and nothing was going right for me and that was all I talked about. I was a real drag to be around and couldn’t even listen to myself anymore.

When I started life coaching, I was ready for a change but knew I needed someone to help and hold me accountable for it. Deanne was amazing to work with. I instantly felt comfortable with her and felt I could tell her anything without fear of judgement. Because of this, I was able to open up and she helped me see a lot about myself I wasn’t seeing and helped me put the right goals in place with a realistic plan and timeline to achieve them.

During and since our sessions, I have been smashing my goals. I’ve lost weight, I exercise daily and have an active life again, I quit smoking and feel amazing. I feel like I have direction again and have the confidence to keep going. Deanne’s help was exactly what I needed to give me a boost, shed the excuses and get me positive, motivated and enjoying life again. Thank you so much Deanne!"

Michelle B, Gold Coast


"I feel lighter, freer, happier, and am so excited about my future!

When toying with the idea of life coaching sessions with Deanne, I was unsure of what to expect or whether it was something I actually needed… but WOW! Embarking on this journey was the best decision!

Deanne’s passion and positivity is infectious. She has an incredible knack in leading you down the right path and awakening your true potential.

Prior to my coaching sessions with Deanne, I was carrying around baggage from past relationships, which was blocking me from moving forward and having the loving relationship I deserve. Throughout my 1 on 1 sessions with Deanne, there have been so many WOW moments! From gaining a positive mindset, viewing past experiences as positives, discovering, envisioning and planning EXACTLY what I want, unlocking my unconscious mind and listening to and trusting my body, I am well and truly on my way to becoming the best version of myself.

I feel lighter, freer, happier, and am so excited about my future! Thanks Deanne, you’re amazing!"

Sally R, Teacher, Sunshine Coast


"I feel so much more courageous for having Deanne by my side.

My connection with Deanne came from an intuitive place. I wasn’t entirely sure where it would take me but I knew deep down it was a place I had to go.
I started this journey with my walls pretty high, my best defence mechanism, but Deanne ever so patiently has made me realise that these walls were blocking out so much beautiful, warm sunlight.

She has taken me, with so much empathy, respect, and persistence, to a much rawer place than I ever expected. But as raw as those times have been, she has empowered me to realise they have shaped me into who I am today. I now know that I hold the strength to heal my own battle scars, the strength to move beyond what has been holding me back.
Deanne set very clear guidelines in the beginning. This wasn’t a whim, or a ‘will I turn up this week?’ kind of a journey. This is a ‘give it your all’, and let Deanne educate you, question your behaviours, make you accountable, and help you unpack all those negative beliefs, values, and reactions that block out so much of that glorious beautiful, warm sunlight!
I’m so incredibly grateful that I followed my intuition and allowed Deanne to be on this journey with me. Her support, her open mind, and her trust has created such a safe and nurturing environment for me to grow. I am still on my journey and I feel so much more courageous for having Deanne by my side."

Rachelle Moon, Co-Founder of Red Brick Dairy, Numurkah